Spa indulgences to relax your body and mind. Letting go of worries, relieving your body of tension, cleansing your insides of all that is unnecessary and not yours – a necessary but not easily achieved condition for a comfortable life in everyday life. Holidays are a time when you can give yourself as much time as you want without feeling guilty. This will make your seaside holiday a high-quality experience that you will feel the effects of for a long time to come in your everyday life.


Relaxing by the sea in a beautiful hotel goes hand in hand with the pleasures of spa treatments. So when you book your seaside holiday, don’t forget to book body rituals, massages, or beauty treatments.

In-house Spa Centre

By the start of October 2023, Auksinės kopos Hotel will open a magnificent 4-star spa area inside the hotel.

There will be a swimming pool, 2 saunas, whirlpool whirlpools, and, of course, cozy rooms for slow spa rituals, health-boosting massages, and beauty-enhancing spa treatments.

Spa treatments at Auksinės kopos Hotel – to feel yourself anew!

Relaxation pleasures in the Spa Bungalows

Want to enjoy yourself in an intimate setting? Our spa houses are a private spa oasis for those who crave tranquillity, a cozy stay for two, or in a small family circle. A private sauna, a jacuzzi on the terrace, the sound of the sea – that’s what you need for your perfect holiday.

Do you know what spa services were available at Auksines kopos 30 years ago? We invite you to discover the history of our hotel.