About us

We are your oasis of relaxation. There is so much of everything here. Plenty of sea, the scent of nature, sunshine, gentle breeze, and sand castles. Plenty of time for yourself and those close to you. Here, you can watch the sunsets, sit under a tree during a rain shower, read a book, or play with your children. It’s a time to be with yourself and your thoughts, to enjoy togetherness. At the same time, there is so little here… Few worries, rush, or anxiety. No traffic jams, alarm clocks, or chaos. It’s just you and we are prepared to take care of your happiness and slow relaxation. Finally, it’s time for yourself…

Here, you have the luxury to escape from everyday life, unwind and recharge your energy. You can let go of tension, reconnect with nature, and regain harmony with yourself. “Auksines kopos” is a place where everyone feels wonderful – both you and us.

We care about so many things. We sincerely follow our inner culture and values to ensure your relaxation is perfect.

We strive to conduct sustainable operations, respecting and preserving the local environment. The natural landscape is important to us, and we strive to integrate organically into it without causing harm.

We respect local communities, their traditions, and their culture. We aim to engage with their activities and nurture local traditions in our operations.

We feel a social responsibility and support those in need, especially those closest to us.

Warm hospitality is highly important to us, and all our services are provided with exceptional empathy.

We aim to create luxury not only through material aspects but also through the quality of service, unique guest experiences, and the preservation of an authentic natural environment.

We understand that only together, through teamwork, can we achieve the desired results. Each member of our team performs their work professionally, implementing creativity, responsibility, and passion in their respective areas.