Our Philosophy

Auksinės kopos Hotel is one of the closest four-star hotels to the sea, where each of you is special and important to us. Our philosophy is Time for yourself. With it, we welcome you and accompany you throughout your stay. Our goal is your smiles, your harmonious rest, and your rest when you need it most. Stop here and now. Enjoy a slow stay. Because time for yourself is the best gift and luxury.

At your convenience, with quality and just what you need

We believe that the key to a good holiday is not spa equipment and treatments, but a personalized holiday that suits everyone individually. It’s a combination of the environment, quality treatments, movement, mood, well-being, and healthy food. It is a combination of sensations. A timely stop to calm the soul and body.

The charm of the four seasons

We are rich in four seasons, and each of them is charming and special. Every year we are delighted by the birds flying in and the buds bursting, in autumn we marvel at the abundance of colors and have time to pause on a rainy day, in winter we look forward to the snow and draw angels in it. Nature’s changes are of particular importance in our recovery as northern Europeans. In spring, the body needs detoxification, renewal, and rejuvenation treatments; in summer, we enjoy the sun, and the sea and nourish our bodies with natural treatments; while in autumn and winter, we prefer more nourishing, relaxing, and healing routines.


The seaside is a perfect place to breathe iodine-rich air and improve your health. And the effects of iodine, known as “sea spray”, are strongest up to 150 meters from the sea. So you’ll breathe in health even when you sleep with the window open. Marine iodine is also absorbed when you swim, through your skin. The Baltic Sea, which is rich in algae, has been found to have a much higher concentration of iodine than the Mediterranean or Black Sea.

Vitamin D

Did you know that as much as 90% of vitamin D is produced in the body by exposure to sunlight? To make the right amount of this vitamin, you need to spend at least 15 minutes outside in sunlight every day. It has been scientifically proven that vitamin D can be obtained by sitting in the shade of a forest without being in the sun at all, thanks to the higher UV radiation levels at the seaside. Even on a cloudy day, up to 85% of the sun’s rays penetrate through the clouds. The good news is that vitamin D from the sun cannot be overdosed, unlike vitamin D from medications. So no matter what activity you do – whether you’re sunbathing or cycling – your body is already producing vitamin D!

More Oxygen

Sventoji is at sea level, which means it has more oxygen. You can breathe in especially much of it in the morning and evening when there is a natural increase in oxygen in the air. That’s why people sleep very well for the first three days at the seaside – the higher oxygen levels help you relax better.

Active recreation – walking, cycling, yoga, sports

Active recreation, enjoying the mild climate of the resort, the sound of the pine forest, the peaceful surroundings, the setting sun, and the soothing waves of the Baltic Sea, is possible here all year round! At the seaside, every guest can choose the holiday of their dreams. It can be a lazy holiday in the hotel’s spa center, or for those who like an active holiday, you can enjoy walks along the seaside and breathe the iodine-rich air of the pine forest. On the contrary, once the summer hustle and bustle has died down, the Lithuanian seaside is much quieter and offers even more opportunities for active recreation. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy cycling and jogging trails, educational and sightseeing routes in all seasons. Those who like peace will always enjoy walks in the pine forests or by the seaside. And for those who love art, Palanga offers exhibitions, museums, and concerts throughout the year.
Spending time walking by the seaside or in the pine forests reduces tension and anxiety, helps you relax after an intense work marathon, and reduces the effects of stress.


The territory of the Auksinės kopos Hotel has long been loved and appreciated by those who feel subtle energies – our park is the place of choice for yoga, reiki gurus, and bioenergetics who have studied and appreciated the extraordinary energies that surround us. And our guests simply feel the special aura that envelops our entire area. The old trees that we have nurtured for so long in the hotel’s park also radiate special energy. Each of them has a direct healing effect, and all you have to do to feel the positive energy of a tree is to sit in its shade or touch its trunk. Trees relieve stress, help get rid of headaches, heal the psyche, stimulate the heart, activate the metabolism, and ensure a peaceful and sound sleep at night. It is especially useful to be friends with trees when it is raining or after it has rained.

Adequate physical activity, correct breathing, and the natural factors of the seaside are the best comprehensive, non-medicated health care you deserve. Natural resources such as sun baths, iodine- and pine-scented air, the sea, and sand – tone, harden and increase the body’s resilience, normalize psycho-physiological processes, and restore health. And all this is what you experience at the Golden Dunes Hotel as soon as you get out of the car. Add to that the lovingly tailored treatments, and your holiday is simply perfect.

Breathe in the holiday, hear the happiness, feel the health, smell the peace. Enjoy. It’s good to be here. Time stops here because here it’s time for you. For your family, your lover, your friend.

Natural coastal factors and environment

Our philosophy of health promotion is directly linked to the environment around us. Hotel Auksinės kopos is endowed with the most luxurious natural beauty, which we protect, nurture and cherish. The sound of the sea, the smell of pine trees, the widest seaside in Lithuania, and its proximity – what could be more luxurious? Natural beauty is one of the most important elements of relaxation. Nature heals, it nourishes, it inspires and it calms.

In 2020, Lithuanian scientists presented the project “Health effects of natural factors in Lithuania”. Research has confirmed the fact that nature and human beings are two inseparable substances. Many diseases can be treated with natural resources alone, while at the same time improving and strengthening the mental state of the person and achieving total body comfort.

Natural inhalation of salts and minerals

The maritime climate is special because it is much more stable, with no significant temperature fluctuations, warm summers, and relatively mild winters. The coastal air is not only cleaner but also rich in various minerals. The wind off the sea brings chlorine, iodine, and other salt particles to the beach in tiny droplets of water, so breathing in coastal air is like natural inhalation. Walking by the seaside provides the body with a lot of ions, especially negative ions, which have a positive effect on our nervous system and regulate our mood. So even the smallest walk by the seaside or in a pine forest can lift your mood.

Seawater contains minerals including magnesium, potassium, and iodine, which can help the body fight inflammatory processes. Breathing in sea air has a similar effect and can lead to better sleep. Not only is vitamin D production faster at the beach, but we also experience a sense of calm. The color blue is associated with a sense of calm, looking at the water creates a kind of meditative state and changes the frequency of brain waves. The sound of the crashing waves helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing us down and encouraging us to relax. And even the physical sensation of sand between the toes has a positive effect on well-being.

Forest bathing and pine forest phytoncides

Meanwhile, pine forest air is the most suitable treatment and prevention for respiratory diseases. It is valued not only for its abundance of negative ions but also for its phytoncides, which are volatile substances secreted by conifers. Phytoncides kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, calm the nervous system, reduce fatigue and stress, and are particularly useful for people with lung diseases – a walk in a coniferous forest makes it easier to breathe, as the air in the coniferous forest is almost sterile.

Balneotherapy – bathing therapy

Bathing in the sea, especially a cold one, is the best way to harden yourself, combining all the natural factors – water, air, the sun’s warmth, and physical activity. Cryotherapy, a currently popular cold therapy, is available all year round at the seaside. Bathing, whatever the water, particularly improves the body’s metabolism, cardiovascular-respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. The Baltic Sea is characterized by its extremely low salinity, which makes the water opaque and rich in phytoalgae, which are particularly good for our health.

Meditative, calming rest

The sound of the waves has been proven by scientists to have a calming and positive effect on the human brain. Being by the sea makes it easier to relax and concentrate your thoughts. Nature helps you to forget all your troubles, at least for a while. Frequent exposure to the sea promotes a feeling of happiness, better general well-being, and even brain function, not to mention stronger immunity. A 1-2 week holiday by the sea increases the levels of the happiness hormones serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, vitamin D, and iodine in the body, and improves overall well-being.

Stop, leave your phone in the room, forget the TV, and enjoy some time with yourself. Time for your loved ones, for your thoughts, for your health, for your peace. Take time for meditation, for breathing. Conscious breathing helps to relieve tension and anxiety and improves cerebral blood circulation, oxygenation, and metabolism.